Successful Thawing of Mr Moro

14 minutes / Directed by Jerry Carlsson

Milo Moro finds out that his ex-partner Adrian, who has been cryopreserved for the past 43 years, can be thawed and brought back to life. When the staff from ScandiCryonics arrives to pick up the cryocontainer with Adrian’s body, Milo realizes he might not be ready for Adrian to return. 

Directed by Jerry Carlsson

Written by Jerry Carlsson

Produced by Frida Mårtensson

Director of Photography: Josua Enblom

Production Designer: Anders Hellström

Sound Designer: Manne Kjellander

Editor: Amalie Westerlin Tjellesen

Costume Designer: Ellen Utterström

Makeup Designer: Sarah Stjernberg

Cast: Richard Sseruwagi,Doreen Ndagire, Lisette T. Pagler


Whistler Film Festival

- Special Mention

Successful Thawing of Mr Moro is produced by Verket Produktion in co-production with Sveriges Television, with the support of The Swedish Film Institute/film commissioner Ami Ekström and Film Stockholm/Filmbasen.

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