Along the road

8 minutes / Directed by Jerry Carlsson & Anette Sidor

Two truck drivers, Ronny and Micke, have a secret relationship. They meet up at rest areas along the road, where no one can see them. Both of them are longing for something more.

Directed by Anette Sidor & Jerry Carlsson

Written by Anette Sidor & Jerry Carlsson

Produced by Anette Sidor & Jerry Carlsson

Director of Photography: Alexander Westergårdh

Sound Design: Olle Sjöström

Costume Design: Emma Dimitroglov

Cast: Pierre Tafvelin, Urban Eksvärd

Awards in selection

Queer Lisboa / Best Short Film

Rio Gay Film Festival / Best Short Film

Vårrullen / Best Short Film, Sthlmdiamanten

Novemberfestivalen / Best Photography, Best Sound

Sveriges Kortfilmfestival / Best Photography,

Best Sound, 3rd Best Short Film


Along the Road is produced by Tjockishjärta Film