11 minutes / Directed by SaraKlara Hellström

Räkan and Fabbe are bros for life. But when Räkan is forced to join a “girls party” with Fabbe, he suddenly feels alienated from the group. Fabbe disappears with his girlfriend and Räkan, who is left without his bro, for the first time gets to experience exclusion from a first-hand point of view. Räkan and Fabbe's different relations to the girls at the party start to drift them apart.

Directed by SaraKlara Hellström

Written by SaraKlara Hellström

Produced by Lova Lilliemarck

Director of Photography: Mika Aberra

Sound Design: Calle Buddee Roos

Costume & Makeup Design: Stina Hedin

Cast: Buster Blomqvist, Philip Torres Örning, Tilde Einerfeldt, Mitra Wetseimeyr, Lorin Berwari

Bromance is produced by Verket Produktion in co-production with Sveriges Television and Film Stockholm, with the support of The Swedish Film Institute/film commissioner Ami Ekström.

© Verket Produktion AB, SVT, Film Stockholm 2022