29 minutes / Directed by Anette Sidor

Philip dreams of becoming a model. At a casting he gets the chance to be photographed with the well-known model Sebastiaan and they fall in love. During a photo shoot, Philip pushes his limits more and more in order to keep the photographer's interest. Philip and Sebastiaan lose control of the situation when Philip is doing everything he can just to be able to stay in front of the camera.


Directed by Anette Sidor

Written by Veronica Zacco

Produced by Veronika Öhnedal

Director of Photography: Kristoffer Jönsson

Composer: Katarina Nuttall & Rickard Age

Editor: Magnus Eriksson

Sound Design: Martin Lindström & Mikael Månsson

Costume Design: Sara Forsberg

Set Design: Jenny Åkerström

Cast: Hannes Fohlin, Karl-Henrik Franzén, Oldoz Javidi, Adia Smith Eriksson, Alexandra Drotz Ruhn

Debut is Anette Sidor's graduation film from Stockholm Academy Of Dramatic Arts.