Fuck You

14 minutes / Directed by Anette Sidor

Directed by Anette Sidor

Written by Anette Sidor

Produced by Jerry Carlsson & Anette Sidor

Director of Photography: Marcus Dineen

Composer: Natali Noor

Sound design: Manne Kjellander

Editor: Magnus Eriksson & Anette Sidor

Costume Design: Linn Eklund

Art Director: Greta Weibull

Cast: Yandeh Sallah, MartinSchaub, TJ Miansangi, Astrid Plynning, Omeya Simbizi-Lundqvist, Richard Smidestam, Jerry Lindh


TIFF/Honorable Mention

Go Short/Best Fiction

Chicago Critics Film Festival/Audience Award

Indie Street Film Festival/Special Jury Prize

La Fête du Slip/Short Film Audience Award

Nordic International Film Festival/Best Nordic Short prize

Evolution Mallorca Int FF/Short film award

Alcine/Second prize for Best Short Film

San Francisco IFF/Special Jury Mention 

Alice is together with Johannes but she doesn't have enough space to be herself. On a night out with friends, she steals a strap-on and challenges her boyfriend's thoughts about girls. Everyone thinks Alice goes too far but she doesn’t give in to group pressure. Johannes gets curious about Alice's new side and together they discover something new about themselves.

Fuck You is produced by Verket Produktion with support from the Swedish Film Institute/Erika Wasserman and Film Stockholm/Filmbasen.

© Verket Produktion AB 2018